Bolton Beer & Cider Week

Brewery and Pub Delivery & Takeaway Services
CAMRA is working to highlight how people can continue to support pubs and clubs during the Covid-19 closure period by teaming up with the Society of Independent Brewers on the #PullingTogether campaign.  As part of this, you can now quickly find pubs which are offering takeaways, deliveries and other initiatives such as online “virtual pub” sessions or “pub quizzes” conducted by social media.
Go to CAMRA’s online pub guide,, tick the box “only show pubs offering takeaway or other additional services during closure period” and enter Bolton in the search box.
The Bolton pubs currently offering this service are Bunburys, Northern Monkey, Tap & Cork and Blackedge. Rivington is another nearby brewery who are delivering.
We will do our best to keep the details updated, but let us know if you are aware of changes or new services. 
Above all, #staysafe 
Branch Meeting
All branch meetings are currently cancelled.

Next Socials
All Socials are currently cancelled.

Pub of the Year Presentations

The presentations for the Pubs of the Year will be held on the following dates:
Pub of the Year to Northern MonkeyPOSTPONED
Cider Pub of the Year to The Beer SchoolPOSTPONED

Bolton Beer & Cider Week 2020
November 20th – 29th 2020

Hi, Due to the uncertainty around Covid-19 and it’s effect on the local breweries and pubs over the coming weeks we at The Bolton Beer and Cider Week have reluctantly decided to postpone the date until much later in the year. Better now than nearer to 04 June when some brewers may have brewered that special beer & organised that event, whilst others may have had to focus on just keeping the business afloat, or employees employed.

20-29 November 2020 is the revised Bolton Beer and Cider week 2020. That should give local traders recovery time to produce a really good week that throws the light onto Bolton Beer and Cider.

To all who brew beer, make cider and perry, to all people running, working in, and drinking in bars, pubs, clubland bottle shops locally, all the best for this coming very challenging period.