Please lobby your MP to sign EDM 1475

Beer duty has risen by over 26% in two years.

Yet despite these huge tax rises, the Chancellor doesn’t intend to stop here! He is currently planning a further seven per cent rise in beer duty in the Budget, on 23rd March. Such a huge increase in duty will add ten pence to the price of a pint – even after the 6p rise caused by increased VAT.  It will cause further pub closures and job losses – and undermine Government plans to boost growth/manufacturing.

The ‘Back The Pub’ campaign is asking that we lobby our MPs to sign an early day motion in parliament which is asking the Chancellor to think again.

It will literally take a few seconds of your time.  Please visit the ‘I’m backing the Pub’ website at and type your postcode into the ‘petition your MP’ box. This will create an email for you to send to your local MP – the key points will appear for you, to adapt if you wish. And by all means ask your own friends and contacts to join the campaign.

Beer and the Budget