This social the visit takes us to the Ribblesdale Tap, the new pub from Blackedge Brewery which opened in December. From Blackburn the social goes on to Darwen before returning to Bolton. The Ribblesdale Tap opens at 12.30. Meeting at the Tap at 13.00ish

There is a choice of bus or train.

Bus: Catch the No 1 bus 11.33 (11.53) from the Interchange arriving in Blackburn at 12.33 (12.53)

Train: Catch the train from Bolton Station at 11.35(12.04) arriving at 12.03(12.34) As the social is calling at Darwen on the way back to Bolton you will need to work out which ticket is the best for you. Its Northern Trains so there are also duo tickets.


Ribblesdale Tap, 35 Northgate, BB2 1JU

Drummers Arms, 65 King William ST., BB1 7TD, 2 regular ales and 4 changing

Rock Box, 63 King William St., BB1 7DT, 2 changing ales


Darwen Tap, 47 Blackburn Road, BB3 1EJ, 4 changing cask ales

Loom & Shuttle, 165 Duckworth St. BB3 1AT, Mayflower Tap with 4 Ales

Bird in th’hand, 225 Duckworth St. BB3 1AU, 4 changing ales

Number 39, 39-41 Bridge St. BB3 2AA, 4 Hopstar plus 1 changing

There are many more pubs in Darwen so the list can be changed if other pubs are worth a visit.

If you need more information email me or call me on the day of the social; Gill 07967585670

Bolton CAMRA – Blackburn & Darwen social – Saturday 23rd March 2024