The Branch has an allocation of thirteen entries to the Good Beer Guide every year. As the name suggests these are ‘all about the beer’! Branch members choose pubs and clubs serving the best quality real ale. Well-kept real ale, served at the right temperature is naturally carbonated and flavourful. A real ale requires special handling and storage to ensure it always drinks at its best.

At the first stage of selection, the Branch Pubs Officer draws up a shortlist.  This includes only pubs and clubs with an average annual beer score greater than the average for all those in the Branch. These represent the best and most consistent places for real ale in the Branch over the preceding 12 months. CAMRA Members submit beer scores as they visit pubs and clubs throughout the year. Find out how you can do this here.

The next step is for Branch members to vote from the shortlist in a secret ballot. This usually happens at the February or March Branch Meeting. The top thirteen pubs from this vote are put forward for the Guide.

Finally, Branch members visit the entries to write the descriptions used in the Guide. They also check the facilities available.

All the work, from shortlisting to selection to write-ups, is done by Branch volunteers. They are independent beer lovers committed to ensure that the Good Beer Guide represents the best of British beer.