CBOB2.160216It’s time for you to consider the beers you want to nominate for the Champion Beer of Britain.

This year the nomination period will run from the 1st November 2013 to the 31st December 2013.

Now that we have announced this year’s Champion Beers it’s time for you to consider the beers you want to nominate for the next Champion Beer of Britain competitions.

As last year all CAMRA members can nominate their choices via the national website and take part in the process to choose the Champion Beer of Britain.

The beers judged in the national finals go through a very rigorous process to be selected, including a series of regional competitions in nine areas, to find the best regional beer in each of eleven beer style categories. In each region, the beers selected for the local competitions are determined by member nominations and Tasting panel input.

Have Your Say the On-line Way

Any CAMRA member can login into the CBOB web site www.cbobvoting.org.uk using the same login details they use to access the members’ area of the CAMRA national website. Having logged in they are able to access information about the nomination schedule.

The website allows all members to nominate five beers in each of the eleven categories to be put forward for the CBOB competition. Those members whose branches straddle multiple CAMRA regions will be presented with the option to choose the region they want to vote in. You will be permitted to vote in both regions.

The CBOB voting web site is www.cbobvoting.org.uk.

Do not delay. Vote today.

Champion Beer of Britain