Thanks to Chris Kay for this guest article.

I am Chris Kay, I work at The Spinning Mule and I have a strong love for cask ale. At The Spinning Mule we sell a large range of cask beers ranging from larger breweries i.e. Moorhouses, Green King and Marston’s to the smaller more local breweries such as Dunscar Bridge, Allgates and George Wright.

Even though we have 12 hand pumps on we are constantly hearing that there is ‘nothing on’, mainly because Blonde Witch or another large well known beer is not on sale. As much as I do see that these ales are of high quality it would be nice to see customers being braver choosing ales from smaller breweries or beers that are unusual or different. We miss out on some great beers styles such as wheat beers, stouts and porters just because when breweries ring up for their orders we often play it safe ordering blonde beers, beers that we know have sold well in the past or will say no to the smaller breweries in favour of ordering from breweries with recognisable pump clips and well known brand names.

Next time you are in The Spinning Mule try something different I promise it will not make you ill and I guarantee that you will taste some great and unusual beers. If you are unsure ask the person behind the bar who will explain what beers are on sale and will happily allow you to taste them before you buy.

Chris Kay

The Spinning Mule

Chris Kay Asking You To Be Braver