We need your help to persuade your MP to support a fair deal for pubs tied to the large pub companies. This important issue is being debated and voted upon in Parliament on Thursday 12th January and we need your MP’s support. Please take 2 minutes to email your MP. The pre-written email asks your MP to VOTE FOR a Parliamentary Motion asking the Government to introduce meaningful reform of the large pub companies.

The Government has recognised the existence of “unfair practices” in the relationship between the large pub companies and their licensees along with the failure of the pub companies to deliver meaningful self regulation. The unfair practices adding pressure to many pubs include excessively high tied prices, unjustified rent calculations and misrepresentation. These unfair practices result in higher consumer prices and unnecessary pub closures.
Following years of campaigning by CAMRA, MPs, small business groups and many others the Business Minister set out proposals for self regulation last November. Unfortunately, these proposals have been widely castigated as naive, unenforceable and insubstantial. The Parliamentary Business Select Committee has secured a vote in Parliament in an attempt to force the Government to toughen up its approach.

This Government gave a clear commitment that failure by the pubcos to self regulate would result in robust Government intervention. Please help us to hold the Government to its word by asking your MP to vote in favour of the Parliamentary Motion on pub company reform being debated by MPs on Thursday 12th January.

Email your MP now.

Thank you for your ongoing support


Seven Days to Save the Pub!