1 April 2010

I recently tried out the Poacher on Scot Lane, Blackrod. It is a quality drinkers pub, albeit one a bit out in the sticks for many of us.
The landlady told me that she took over about 15 months ago, but it was in a bit of mess at that time. Since then the cellar and pumps and bar have been cleaned up and they now have 6 real ales on.
It has a Marstons tie so the regulars are Pedigree, Banks Original and Jennings Cumberland. The three guests on my visit were Marstons Single Malt, Brakspear Bitter and Ushers Founders. All the ones I tried were in excellent condition. They usually have Jennings Dark Mild, but the brewery is having trouble with this one at the moment since the floods (edit..I think this may be back on now).
When Banks Original is on at the same time, that makes two hand-pull milds in one pub, surely a rarity these days!
The pub was quite busy for a cold and wet weekday evening, the service was good and the landlady and general atmosphere were very friendly. The landlady was enthusing about her recent trip up to Jennings Brewery and was quite taken with their 1/3 pint glasses for sampling different beers and was thinking of giving them a try so that drinkers would be more tempted to try out new ales on offer.
A venture that would be worth supporting and promoting. Definitely a place to try if you are at the far reaches of Bolton and worth a special trip if you are after somewhere new.

CONTRIBUTOR – Graham Walsh, Bolton CAMRA

The Poacher, Blackrod